Robe di Kappa T-SHIRTS & TOP Man MAES Office T-Shirt

Robe di Kappa T-SHIRTS & TOP Man MAES Office T-Shirt

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Marca: Robe di Kappa
Size (Men“s): L SizeType: Regular
Estilo: T-Shirt Gruppo Modello: T-Shirts & Top
Departamento: Uomo Utilizzo: Busy
Colore: Blue Marine-White Na Stagione: fall, winter
Material de la capa exterior: Intero: Cotone 100% Style Group: T-SHIRTS & TOP
Tipo: T-Shirts & Top Modello: T-Shirt
Taglia: L Genere: Uomo
MPN: No aplicable ID Prodotto: 6111BRW
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Robe di Kappa T-SHIRTS & TOP Man MAES Office T-Shirt

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9,99 €

Short sleeve t-shirt. Y/dyed striped jersey. Chest pocket. Omini Logo applied.

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Robe di Kappa History

Robe di Kappa It is the brand for those who, in their free time and in professional activities which enable „the clothing informal, prefers to wear sportswear, modern and high-quality, affordable. It is dedicated to dynamic people, contemporary and open to the changing world.

The History – The Robe di Kappa brand was founded in 1968 , in Turin, thanks to the intuition of Maurizio Vitale, the young CEO of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese, textile family business founded by his grandfather Abraham in 1916 . During a television broadcast, Vitale sees John Lennon wearing the shirt of a fallen soldier in Vietnam, and understands the youth movements of the late sixties are about to revolutionize the way they dress. Decides, therefore, to dye the shirts Kappa® Green (brand, at the time, dedicated to underwear, socks and vests) stored in the warehouses of the company and unsold: enriches them with coats of arms and military symbols and conquers the nascent casual clothing market. The name of the brand was born shortly after, during a meeting between Vitale and Lattes, the then president of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese. Lattes, watching the old shirts Kappa® revisited in sessantottino, question Vitale: „And as we call this stuff here ?. And Vitale responds: Robe? So let“s call Robe di Kappa, Doctor.“

Robe di Kappa T-SHIRTS & TOP Man MAES Office T-Shirt

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